HyperDIGILITE is a full range MEDIA COMPANY OFFERING webSITE design, digital marketing, and creative design SERVICES in Uganda with solutions that bring your business online and get you customers from any part of the world

We’re a website designing company in Kampala Uganda offering affordable website design, SEO that rotates around Google My Business advisory, social media and other forms of digital marketing/advertising. We pride in crafting digital marketing strategies that have helped many businesses in Uganda to get started with online presence, and online revenue generation.

Are you in need of more customers? There are so many prospects online looking for your help.
Leverage the Opportunity NOW!

Why build a website and online presence in general?

Many of your potential customers are online, digital transformation is continuously penetrating.

In Kampala alone, over 600 Smart phone exchange hands every day and whoever gets a smart phone, is connected to internet. People use smart phones to search for products and services like those you offer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get customers online. Get a website, Optimize your website to make sure that it generates revenue and utilize the immense array of digital marketing solutions like Google My Business and Facebook to easily build a profitable online presence.

Digital Starter services

Fastest Web designing


Using our partner website builder, we can design a website in 1 hour. But because we want you to get a perfectly crafted revenue generating website, that’s why we promise 1 day after 4-7 days of strategy and content development.

Google My Business (Local SEO)


With the recently updated google algorithm, small and medium businesses are on the advantageous side. Seek FREE advise from Hyperango,  easily market and sell your products with Google My Business even if you don’t have a website as yet.

Facebook pages (Social Media)


Facebook is the most popular social media network in Uganda and it is becoming part of our life. However, a mere opening of a Facebook page without guidance from an expert will be a total waste of your valuable time. This is why you need to contact us.

Advanced Digital marketing services



Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a highly technical job which you need to entrust with a reputable and professional firm like Hyperango. Do you want traffic or make your website to appear on the first  Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google? Do SEO with Hyperango. It helps new prospects to find your site, and it is these visitors that you guide into your funnel to increase your online sales. 



Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. SEM allows you to bid for top page positions on search engines. This paid channel delivers traffic immediately and works to compliment your existing SEO campaign by providing traffic for keywords you aren’t ranking for yet. Get started with SEM today SEM.



Social media advertising or SMA is a form paid advertising targeting users on social media networks. Social media platforms can target users based on interactions within a specific platform by utilizing user information like age, gender etc, to serve highly relevant advertisements. Beyond the setup which is easy, Advertising on Social Media can be daunting, or even risky, let us help with your campaign.


what clients have to say about hyperango

Ssenyondo Bashir the founder of Hyperango is a person you can rely on. We urgently needed our website and Bashir of Hyperango saved us in time unlike the other developer who had taken months without completing our project. I hundred percent recommend Hyperango services.
Hyperango's Digital Services are genuinely and sincerely helping us getting started with online presence. At the moment we can not afford a website but their advise to utilize Google My Business is already working for us. Try them.
Judith Emon
Fashion Couture Owner
We didn't know the usefulness of being online but Hyperango's staff opened our eyes and took us through the simple steps of getting online without spending a lot. To be since I have so far got over 14 clients from my online listings!



Do you want to pursue a career or enterprise in the design and print industry? 

Here is the opportunity to get skilled in Graphics Design for print media, Web design and development, video editing and many other programs